John Hendricks - Vocalist


I am a Christian who grew up in Alaska loving America and what we represent in a world of strife and discord.  I taught myself to sing with inspirations from the greatest voices of all time, and worked many thousands of hours to develop my vocal craft.

I currently live in Rifle, Colorado, and drive a truck for a living.  Although I have performed a capella in many venues large and small over the years, this is my first album.


I chose these songs for my first album because they express my love of God and our beautiful country.  Most of these songs have been recorded many times before, but I felt I had something meaningful to add to all of them.


I am a regular guy with a regular job, and that's who I'm singing these songs for...  the regular, salt of the earth men and women who make this country great.  I hope that as you listen to these songs, your heart will be filled with joy.